Majestic Mushrooms Pty. Ltd. is a mushroom cultivating business operating on 31 acre property since 2006, situated  in the cool climate wine region of Murrumbateman, near Canberra. We produce approximately 20 tonnes of top quality fresh white mushrooms and Swiss Brown mushrooms per week and distribute throughout the Canberra region to many supermarkets, green grocers, providores and restaurants. We also supply into Sydney Flemington Markets, Melbourne Markets and Newcastle Produce Markets .

Majestic Mushrooms Pty. Ltd. is currently the only commercial mushroom farm located in the Canberra region growing the Agaricus varieties of mushrooms. With the rapid growth of Canberra’s population, and recent upgrade of Canberra Airport to International status with direct flights to key markets like Singapore, Majestic Mushrooms Pty. Ltd. envisages expansion in the near future to cater for growth in the local and international markets.

Customer service is also very important to our Company. As our motto states, Majestic Mushrooms Pty. Ltd. aims to put “quality first” that is, to provide the best product, with the best service to guarantee customer satisfaction.  As a family run business, we are able to vary the growing conditions and harvesting periods to cater for our customer’s requirements and deliver the mushrooms to our customers on the same day as they are harvested, a true definition of “local” produce.


Our mushrooms are grown in hi-tech temperature controlled facilities that simulate the “ideal season” all year around. 

We produce white Agaricus bisporus mushrooms at three different stages of development: button, cup and flat. We also produce Swiss Brown and Portabello mushrooms in various sizes.

Our product is Freshcare certified, which means that we have met the stringent requirements of the Freshcare Food Safety Code of Practice, as required by many retail outlets. We are also members of the Australian Mushroom Growers Association, so we're up to date on the latest industry developments.

Our mushrooms are all delicately handpicked and they are available in 2kg and 4kg cartons. We also offer pre-packaged mushrooms in 200g and 500g plastic containers. The labelling and packaging can be adapted to meet any of our customer’s requirements.


The owners of the business are Helen and Ian Chu. Helen has completed a Bachelor of Education degree at the University of Canberra while Ian has completed a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communications Engineering, also at the University of Canberra.

After graduating, we moved to Sydney and worked for 10 years in our professions.  In 2006, we decided to pursue a different career path, a tree change, and returned to the ACT region in order to fulfil a dream of owning our own business.

With a lot of research, broad experience and knowledge, and some hard work, we were able to adapt it to the mushroom industry. In 2006, we constructed our mushroom farm and initially produced 2 ton of mushrooms per week.

Following our 2nd stage expansion, we are now producing approximately 20 tonnes of top quality fresh white mushrooms and Swiss Brown mushrooms per week. We envisage further growth in the near futureand will be able to adjust to any local or global market demands for our product in the future.


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